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  • I met Dr. Syed the summer of 2019. I was having severe nerve pain in my left arm and hand. Since I am a pianist, my ability to play was greatly hindered. I had surgery on July 29 and had immediate relief from the nerve pain. It was a long recovery but I was back on the piano bench in late October. I just saw Dr. Syed this past week for a recheck. All is great. So is he. He explained everything to me with patience and a great smile. He is a superb surgeon in every way.

    - Candy Hooper
  • Dr. Syed is WONDERFUL. He is very educated, dedicated, precise, particular and successful. My back surgery for a pinched nerve in my lower back was completed 9 months ago and I followed his recovery instructions for a healed back with NO pain, stiffness or regrets. I am now starting an exercise program and I am moving on with my life. Thank you Dr. Syed.

    - Jan Arnold
  • Dr. Syed did a GREAT job on my cervical spine (ACDF), so far I have no pain anymore, and recovery was very fast, surgery took place on Jan, 13rd, and within 3 weeks is was back I. My office; I feel 100% recovered, yes, in know, it will take months to fuse the bone. Unfortunately, I spent very few minutes speaking with Dr. before and after surgery, surgeons are quite busy, his office staff promptly responded my concerns through MyBSW app. However,Baylor Medical Center/Plano is not precisely the best hospital , I prefer Medical City.

    - Horacio Thomas
  • Dr. Syed saved my daughter's life in my opinion and he will always be in my mind an angel sent from God to help us. Our daughter was in a severe accident and he came in the middle of the night and did emergency surgery on her cervical spine so she could live and also gave her back the ability to use her arms, which changed her life. He also performed surgery on her thoracic spine with rods and screws, etc. He and his team are caring, kind, and absolutely the best.

    - Mary Georgiou
  • He's an amazing orthopedic, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a spine surgeon, my pain went away immediately after I woke up my surgery. He perform a Laminactomy/decompression on my lower back. It has been a week since my surgery and I couldn't feel any better. I feel awesome! Thank you Doctor. from the moment we have our first consultation, I felt really comfortable with his knowledge and confidence

    - Carolina Cantrell
  • Dr. Ishaq Syed performed my neck surgery after a cycling accident in late 2017. He saw me in the hospital after surgery to check on my progress and I have had multiple follow-up appointments over 18 months. Each time my questions have been answered thoroughly and with genuine concern. I have been able to resume all normal activities and my scar is all but invisible. I will always be grateful for Dr. Syed's treatment and care.

    - Bernard Lane
  • I am extremely please with the level of care Dr. Syed and his staff has provided for my double disc fusion. Dr. Syed is very personable, and really cared about my healing. He listened to my concerns, addressed the pain and did a fantastic job. I could not be more pleased (and relieved) to have picked such a top-notch surgeon. Highly recommend Dr. Syed, he truly is one of the best!

    - LoLo
  • Just had surgery yesterday at Baylor Uptown on my Cervical Spine (C5/6) to remove a herniated disc and I honestly felt like a VIP. Dr Syed is a True Professional and clearly an Expert in his Field. I will highly recommend him and his office to Family and Friends in need of any type of Spinal Surgery (Back or Neck). Every person I communicated with in his office was Great to work with and have a True Passion for their Careers. That comes from Great Leadership from Dr Syed. Thank You for changing my Life!

    - Bob Hoffman
  • Dr. Syed was great, I had to have surgery to repair a herniated disc. He was very professional and got me fixed up. I had instant relief!

    - David Skeans
  • Dr Syed did an amazing job on my cervical vertebra. Before I saw him and his staff, I had a lot of pain in my neck and on the left side of my body. After surgery, I am able to walk and live my life without any medication. He is very thorough and caring. I was very fortunate to have him as my surgeon. I highly recommend him.

    - Stephen Walsh
  • From the very first visit Dr. Syed made me and my wife feel extremely comfortable. He spent a great deal of time explaining everything to me in a way I could understand it. The day of my procedure he was very reassuring and he took the time with my wife after the surgery was over to explain in detail what he had done, what to expect over the next few days and how she should expect things to go with me during the next weeks. My first post-op appointment was just as great as every other aspect of the way he treated me from the very beginning. I would highly recommend Dr. Syed to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon.

    - Bruce Pelligra
  • Dr. Syed is an awesome surgeon. He left no stone unturned and successfully relieved the pain I was experiencing. I would recommend him for any spinal issues. And Michael is right, Nicole is awesome, too!

    - Phyllis Wagar
  • From being only able to walk 20 - 40 steps at a time without collapsing in pain - to being able to walk the 10,000 steps a day or even dance. Dr. Syed and his team (especially Miss Nicole) were awesome, thorough, and took the time to answer my questions. My spine surgery was scary and my recovery was long - because the repair needed was very serious. But they walked me through everything - repeatedly. I thought I would be in a wheelchair. Thanks to Dr. Syed and his team, I have lots of adventures left and a lot more bucket list to finish.

    - Michel Hobson
  • Dr. Syed went so far above and beyond what my wife and I could have imagined or expected. Her situation was critical, but Dr. Syed's surgical skill and excellence gave my wife a new opportunity at life. We will be forever indebted to him and his team.

    - Clay Watts
  • I really like his honesty and willingness to listen to patients. The office staff has always been very helpful and pleasant.

    - Bobbette Storey
  • Dr. Syed and his team are great! Shout out to Nicole and Rudy who made sure I knew and had everything I needed.

    I had constant leg pain due to a herniated disc pressing on my sciatic nerve. Immediately after the surgery I noticed the pain in my leg was gone. I left the same day of the surgery. My mother had a similar procedure 20 years ago and she was in the hospital for a week!

    Dr. Syed is an extremely competent surgeon. He will be honest with the situation as he sees it and provide you with the best advice. I am of the opinion that a patient's job is to be as informed as possible. So the day before my appointment I searched on the internet for anything I could find relating to a herniated disk, what the treatments were, and what recovery looked like. I had a page full of questions and Dr. Syed made sure to answer every single one.

    One thing to point out is that Dr. Syed will repeat information he thinks you need to hear, I assume to increase the chances that you will retain that information. Don't let this conversation style prevent you from interrupting if you feel there is still something on your mind. He answered every question I asked.

    - Derek p
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