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    Dr. Syed is a magnificent spinal surgeon and physician who conveys his concern for a patient's health and successful surgery, should it be required. In my case, my spinal problems were very complex and complicated due to my age. While no surgeon can guarantee total relief of pain, Dr. Syed was able to solve my problem and totally relieved all my pain, and restored my full functionality. He always has spend whatever time was required to fully explain all aspects of my health problem and outcome of my surgeries, and answer all questions, whether in his office or the hospital. Consequently I always felt we had a great doctor and patient relationship and clear communications. Dr. Syed is the prototypical physician and one everyone would wish for in their health care professional. I think the world of Dr. Syed and would have even had my surgeries not been as successful as they were, because I was totally confident if the problem could be solved, he had the knowledge, expertise, skill and professionalism to produce the best outcome possible.

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  • Southwest Scoliosis and Spine Institute
    12222 North Central Expressway,
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